Book Review: “The Bazaar of Bad Dreams” by Stephen King

Salina B Baker

51xcUEzbz7L._AC_US160_The Bazaar of Bad Dreams by Stephen King is a collection of 20 short stories, each prefaced with an explanation of King’s inspiration for that story. I will not cover all 20 stories in this review. Spoiler alert.

The book begins with a delightful Author’s Note of which the last sentence is: “Something else I want you to know: how glad I am, Constant Reader, that we’re both still here. Cool, isn’t it?”

Indeed it is cool.

Mile 81

I read this previously as a standalone short story. King says this is one of his favorites. It certainly has all the markings of his work—pure creepy gore.

A monster disguised as a broken down station wagon in a deserted rest stop, lures drivers off the turnpike and into its human munching clutches. Two small children, Rachel and her little brother Blakie, see the monster car eat their parents and several…

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